Novak Djokovic beats Daniil Medvedev, takes Serbia into ATP Cup final

Together with the triumph, the Serbian concluded a two-match losing series from the 23-year-old Russian, who'd conquered Djokovic two in about three matches in 20-19 (montecarlo, Cincinnati).

Formerly, Dusan Lajovic conquered Karen Khachanov 7-5, 7-6(inch ) to place Serbia 1-0 beforehand from the semifinal tie.
"enjoyable, exhausting, and happy, horrible all at one time.  At this time, we refused to overlook out of research, therefore it proved to be a large amount of agendas plus it had been quite tiring.  Very real conflict, but in addition mental conflict," Djokovic was quoted as saying from the championship internet site following the game.

"He revealed why he is one among the greatest players on earth, why he has top .  This form of consistency also this sort of reliable sport by the trunk part of the courtroom, enormous serves obtained him where he really is. 

Medvedev started out the third-round sound before game after all, together with each people in the internet, Djokovic ripped off and won the pair and also the game to shoot Serbia in to the playoffs.
Novak Djokovic Defeats Daniil Medvedev, Will Take Serbia to ATP Celtics Closing
Within a intriguing game with of standards, Djokovic hurried throughout the starting series, profitable 6 4 percent (7/11) of the first-serve yield points in opposition to Medvedev.  Nevertheless, that the 20-19 US Open finalist rebounded at the moment, busting Djokovic few instances, for example from the 12th match, to induce a deciding group.
"Surely among the absolute most exciting games I've played or every other high player past couple decades," he also added.

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